Daily Prompt: Careful

via Daily Prompt: Careful

CAREFUL there’s a pond, CAREFUL there’s a rock, CAREFUL there’s a dog…

Why does it always have to be the word careful before something bad happens to me???

Is the word careful cursing me???

Anyway I’m Jessie and I’m yellow. Well I decided that I’ed go to Laga the fixer an ask her to “uncurse” me. On the way to Laga’s I heard someone shout “CARFUL your shoes untie” and thats when I fell.

Fresh red blood dripped down my legs and arms. I decided to go back home and wash it up. I was nearly there when I hearld someone shout “CARFUL THERES A BOLL UNDER YOUR FEET!!!!!” And I triped again hit my head on a rock and fainted.

The minute I woke up I saw was blue and a little bit of white flaoting around. I slowly got up and looked around I was in a mall center looking place there was a big fountain with sea blue water, And lots of stores exept that there was no one around.

The next thing I heard was crashing noise and a little girl came out.”CARFUL!!!!!!!” I heard the little girl screaming. And some thing noked me of my feet and I went flying.

BANG!!!!!! I landed butt first on the ground.”You shold be Okay” the little girl ran over and said.”Tell that to my butt!!” I replied. “Anyway I’m Lissy” the little girl (Lissy) said. “I’m Jessie”I told her. “our names kind of rhymes” Lissy said. ” So what is this place??” I asked. “I’m actually not sure,” Lissy anwsered “I woke up here a few months ago and I’ed been here since!”

Lissy and I chatted and chatted. Then Lissy said that there’s a candy store here and we can get candy with out paying since there’s no shopkepper.

We walked to the candy store and ate ALOT of candy. “Where do you sleep??” I asked Lissy. “Right there” she said pointing at a Hotel. We decided to go into the hotel and rest.

On the way there something zaped and me and Lissy went flying…

We landed and we were in my house, my mom was there and she said as she hugs me really tight”Thanks god your Okay!!!”

“I found out about the word careful, and it looks like you and Lissy has the same problem.”

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